Cats & Matches

So this is my first of I hope many collaboration projects with Artist/Printer David Twiss. I met David a while ago and loved his prints, which you can see more at his blog We have been talking about doing a project for awhile, I was a book binder he was a printer. Finally we decided to do a book of some of our favorite crazy old folk tales. Due to time and we wanted to have it for the Meca sale and Picnic. We end up doing one of the stories called Cats and Matches, and make it into a chapbook. David will be selling the book at his table (along with his prints) this Friday and Saturday at the Maine College of Art Sale, I am going to be selling copies at my table this Sunday at Picnic. The chapbook is a small edition of 18 copies fully letter-pressed. We are hoping that it dose well,  We are planning on doing a few more stories in the chapbook style then down the road doing a full bound book.

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