Coptic Stitch

With some time before my next book show, I am trying to work on some new things. One is learning how to bind a book using coptic stitch. I really like making this style of binding because of the exposed spine. With the spine exposed I feel it allows for the book to open and lay flat. Which is perfect for people who need guest books. Below are images of two books I have just finished using the coptic stitch binding. dski-design-coptic-stitch-01 dski-design-coptic-stitch-3 dski-design-coptic-stitch-4 dski-design-coptic-stitch-5 dski-design-coptic-stitch-nc-1 dski-design-coptic-stitch-nc-2 dski-design-coptic-stitch-nc-3 dski-design-coptic-stitch-nc-4