Hardcover long and link stitch books

This week deiced to try and make some more long and link stitch books. I haven't made any in a while so I thought I would make them in a hardcover form. I was really pleased on how they came out and the way they function. with the red book, I tried using fish leather for the spine. I picked up some fish leather last summer when I was in Iceland. I like that the leather is already nice and thin, which allows the leather to wrap around the book nice and easy.

dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-14 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-1 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-2 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-3 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-4 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-5 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-6 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-7 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-8 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-9 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-10 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-11 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-12 dski-design-longstitch-hardcover-13