The Adventures of the Blue Carbuncle

Finished 4 new stab stitch bindings. Two are just of the goose the other two I tried putting an elastic closure on it, like the moleskin books. The goose print I used for the covers is going to be part of a whole series of prints, based on Sherlock Holmes stories. I am planning on doing about 20-25 prints so I feel its going to be  a while before I am done. I thought in the meantime I will use them for some book covers. dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-1 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-2 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-4 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-5 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-8 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-9