Hardcover Chain Stitch Book

So yesterday I tried something new, I decided to do a hardcover chain stitch book. Normally you will do a chain stitch for something with just one signature, like a small chapbook. I thought if you made a book with multiple signatures you would get a really great pattern on the spine. I also liked the idea that since each signature is done one at a time, you can change the thread colors on each signature.dski-design-chain-stitch-london-1 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-2 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-3 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-4 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-5 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-6 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-7 dski-design-chain-stitch-london-8