We're moving

  So the reason I haven't posted much this past month is because the studio group I belong to Running with Scissors, is moving. We are moving down the road to a much larger location. So between getting the new space ready and packing up my space its been pretty hectic. I am hoping to be officially in and ready to start producing work the first week of July. dski-design-new-studio-1 dski-design-new-studio-2 dski-design-new-studio-4 dski-design-new-studio-5 dski-design-new-studio-6 dski-design-new-studio-7 dski-design-new-studio-8 dski-design-new-studio-9 dski-design-new-studio-10 dski-design-new-studio-11  dski-design-new-studio-12 dski-design-new-studio-13 dski-design-new-studio-14  dski-design-new-studio-17