Guest Book and Wedding Invitations

Finished a long and link stitch wedding guest book, and designed the invitations to go along with the guest book. The guest book we had the spine hot stamped with their names and date of the wedding. I also added a drift wood button to the cover of the book.

For the invitations we digitally printed the map and then the rest of the invitation letter pressed by my friend mark at Dunstan Press. Emily and Kate actually added the blue paper to the invitations to give it a little more pop. In stead if doing a normal RSVP card we made it into a post card with the map of Casco Bay.

dski-design-wedding-book-1 dski-design-wedding-book-2 dski-design-wedding-book-3 dski-design-wedding-book-4 dski-design-wedding-invite-1 dski-design-wedding-invite-2 dski-design-wedding-invite-3