Recent Work

So since I have moved into my new studio, I  kind of hit the ground running. So I have been able to post much, so here are few images of projects I have been working one. The first project is repair job I did for a client. I had to take apart the text block, mend some pages, then sew the text block back together. The re-backed it with new boards and a leather spine.

dski-design-hyde-rebind-1 dski-design-hyde-rebind-2 dski-design-hyde-rebind-3 dski-design-hyde-rebind-4

The second project which I just finished, was making paper boxes for a print artist name Adriane Herman. I made 38 paper boxes to store and ship a group print project she has been working on.

dski-design-paper-boxes-2 dski-design-paper-boxes-3dski-design-paper-boxes-4