A Call to Portland

This is my first attempt at an artist book, I made it for the grand opening show at Running with Scissors. It is a linoleum print, quarter bound, with fabric spine and marbled paper cover. This was also the first project I was able to use my new kwikprint machine, to make a title card to inlay to the front cover of the book. Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-1 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-2 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-3 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-4 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-5 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-6 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-7 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-8 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-9 Dski-design-join-quaterbound-book-10