Ship's Logs and Cigar Journals

Ship's Log is a daily log book and The Gentleman's  Dossier is a cigar journal. On both of the books I designed and layout the pages and had them printed. I also got a chance to use the new kwikprint and make title cards for the books, and inlay them into the covers. Both of the books will available to purchase on etsy in the next couple of days.

dski-design-cigar-journal-1 dski-design-cigar-journal-2 dski-design-cigar-journal-4 dski-design-cigar-journal-5 dski-design-cigar-journal-7 dski-design-cigar-journal-8 dski-design-cigar-journal-9 dski-design-cigar-journal-pages dski-design-cigar-journal-pages-1 dski-design-shipsnote-1 dski-design-shipsnote-2 dski-design-shipsnote-pages dski-design-shipsnote-3 dski-design-shipsnote-5 dski-design-shipsnote-6