Latest projects

Here are a few projects I have been working on in the studio.  The first is a new binding I did for a client. They had me bind a copy of the New York Times, which was printed on the day of their daughters birth. The second is the holiday re-order guest books, photo albums and journals for Sea Bags. dski-design-nytimes-1 dski-design-nytimes-2 dski-design-nytimes-3 dski-design-nytimes-4 dski-design-nytimes-5 dski-design-nytimes-6 dski-design-nytimes-7 dski-design-sea-bags-1 dski-design-sea-bags-2 dski-design-sea-bags-3 dski-design-sea-bags-5 dski-design-sea-bags-6 dski-design-sea-bags-7 dski-design-sea-bags-8