New Lincoln Long Cabin Books

So I just finished a bunch of new Lincoln Long Cabin books for this weekends Maine Boatbuilders Show, to go along with my Nautical Chart Guest and Ship's Log books. Two of the Lincoln Long Cabin books I actually used the kwik print to print onto the belt of the books. I set type for the last verse of Robert Frosts, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". I was also able to try out a new method to fastening the belt into the books.dski-design-tonights-work dski-cabin-chestnut-1 dski-cabin-chestnut-2 dski-cabin-chestnut-3 dski-cabin-chestnut-4 dski-cabin-chestnut-5 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-1 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-2 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-3 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-4 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-5 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-6 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-7 dski-cabin-large-chestnut-1 dski-cabin-large-chestnut-2 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-1 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-2 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-3 dski-cabin-mini-chestnut-rfrost dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-1 dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-2 dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-3