An Invitation to Run With Scissors!

I feel really lucky that I am apart of this amazing group of artist. This is where I get to go and work and create. Below is a little info about Running with Scissors and what we are trying to do.

To my friends and community members,

Did you ever wonder how a ceramic artist can afford his own kiln, or if you are a print maker, how big is a printing press and how much do they cost?  Where can I set up a jewelers torch and how do I learn how to promote my work?  Well, as an artist these are some of the challenging questions.  Our artist collective, Running with Scissors, has become the answer for over 50 artists today and for 100's over the past 10 years. 

In the last 6 months, we have fit out, moved into and filled a 16,000 sq ft building in Portland Maine.  We have a community wood shop, pottery kilns, computers, printing presses, private and open studios, a gallery and a class room.  However, due to some of the increased expenses in updating safety and building ordnance requirements, the build out went over budget and we still have some infrastructure, safety measures and equipment to attain.

I am writing today to ask our friends, family, art lovers and people who know how hard it is to start a new business largely based on community enrichment over making large profits, to join us in this important community investment.  As the owner of this endeavor and one of the people who has been ripping carpet up, painting anything I could, building a community and organizing 50+ artists and volunteers, I ask you humbly to donate to our fundraising campaign today.  

See, even $10 or $20 helps.  Oh, and you get a  reward for giving; artist creations, unique experiences and education opportunities for a start. Using the online fundraising platform, we have raised over $9000 in just two weeks.  However, if we don't raise at least our goal of $25,000 by April 15th, we don't get any of the money and our backers don't get their rewards.

Please watch our video, visit our kickstarter web page and donate to this effort. Be a community builder and be proud knowing you are making a huge difference in artists lives, their work and in our surrounding community.

Please pass our video and kickstarter campaign on to others and do the best you can to explain what we are doing.  Feel free to contact me to ask questions, set up a tour or talk shop.  

Thank you.  I hope you join us.  Come run with scissors!