Guest Book and Wedding Invitations

Finished a long and link stitch wedding guest book, and designed the invitations to go along with the guest book. The guest book we had the spine hot stamped with their names and date of the wedding. I also added a drift wood button to the cover of the book.

For the invitations we digitally printed the map and then the rest of the invitation letter pressed by my friend mark at Dunstan Press. Emily and Kate actually added the blue paper to the invitations to give it a little more pop. In stead if doing a normal RSVP card we made it into a post card with the map of Casco Bay.

dski-design-wedding-book-1 dski-design-wedding-book-2 dski-design-wedding-book-3 dski-design-wedding-book-4 dski-design-wedding-invite-1 dski-design-wedding-invite-2 dski-design-wedding-invite-3

Finished Read or Die Print

Just finished a small edition of 30 prints. It took me a little longer to print after several tries on a rolling press. I ended up having them printed at my friends shop Dunstan press on his Heidelberg press. You can now purchase one off my Etsy Store.

I also want to thank my Friend Ian Kahn for giving me the idea for the Read or Die part.

dski-design-read-or-die-a2 dski-design-read-or-die-1 dski-design-read-or-die-2 dski-design-read-or-die-3 dski-design-read-or-die-4


Have been doing some design work for a company called evloveMe. I created their logo and a few designs for tee shirts. We are going to have  my friend Jeff Lauzier from Loyal Citizen is printing them. I will upload the finished tee shirts once they are all done.color-evolveme-logo 4-13-tee-shirt-mens-slate 4-13-tee-shirt-plat-roy 4-13-tee-shirt-womens-slate

The Adventures of the Blue Carbuncle

Finished 4 new stab stitch bindings. Two are just of the goose the other two I tried putting an elastic closure on it, like the moleskin books. The goose print I used for the covers is going to be part of a whole series of prints, based on Sherlock Holmes stories. I am planning on doing about 20-25 prints so I feel its going to be  a while before I am done. I thought in the meantime I will use them for some book covers. dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-1 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-2 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-4 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-5 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-8 dski-design-goose-sherlock-goose-9

Print Making

Here are two prints I have been working on in the studio. The one of the Press I am going to make it into a small edition of prints. The one of the goose I am thinking about making into some covers for blank books. I haven't done any print making since I left Maine College of Art years ago. dski-design-printmaking-1 dski-design-printmaking-2 dski-design-printmaking-3 dski-design-printmaking-4 dski-design-printmaking-5 dski-design-printmaking-8 dski-design-printmaking-7 dski-design-printmaking-6 dski-design-printmaking-9 dski-design-printmaking-10

A Gentleman's Dossier: Cigars

This is a idea I have been kicking around for a while now, I am calling it a cigar dossier. It's a three quarter bound book, with faux leather by fifeld on the spine and on the inlaid name plate. I did all the page layout and design for the book in Adobe's InDesign. I even included a spot on the pages to paste in your cigar band. I am pretty happy with the over all turn out of the book. I still feel like there are a few changes I would like to make, before I proceed forward with this project. I am hoping to have a few copies all set for the USM book arts bizarre, which is in early April.

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New England Herf

This is a poster design I did for an event call the New England Herf. The New England Herf or Nerf is a cigar fundraiser held once a year down in Worcester Mass, to help raise money for a charity called Wednesday's Child. This organization helps with the adoption of children with special needs. Its real fun event for a great cause.

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The Clark's Wedding Album

Just finished A wedding album and slipcase for Molly and Archie Clark. I haven't done an album and slipcase for a while, I was surprised how well it went together. On the front of the album and slipcase I inlaid two of their linoleum prints that they used as table cards for there wedding. The green and brown I used on the album and case were  their wedding colors. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]

Some new books for Picnic and a display.

Picnic is less than two weeks away and I have been in the studio trying to make a much as I can. Here are a few new books with some of the new paper I picked up in New York. I also created a new display for my books. I have a bunch of cigar boxes laying around so I design some new sides and covers and mounted them to the box, I also added some sting to act as a hinge. Though this box is actually at Akari now with a selection of  my books for sale, they will be there for the holiday season. I have a few more boxes that I will paste up in time for Picnic.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4"]