Portland Book Arts Bazaar

I am going to be having a table at the Portland Book Arts Bazzar at USM, Sunday April 6th, please spread the word! The annual Book Arts Bazaar at the University of Southern Maine’s Wishcamper Center will take place on Sunday, April 6th. The Bazaar will be open to the public from 10am until 3pm. There will be papermakers, calligraphers, book artists, printers, bookbinders, paper decorators and others book related vendors. The Wishcamper Center is located on Bedford St. on USM’s Portland Campus. There is plenty of parking behind the building, located between the Glickman Family Library and in the Parking Garage (which is free). USM’s Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for Book Arts is sponsoring the Book Arts Bazaar, any profits from this event support the center.

https://usm.maine.edu/bookarts/book-arts-bazaar bookarts_bazaar_postcard_4x6_1

New Lincoln Long Cabin Books

So I just finished a bunch of new Lincoln Long Cabin books for this weekends Maine Boatbuilders Show, to go along with my Nautical Chart Guest and Ship's Log books. Two of the Lincoln Long Cabin books I actually used the kwik print to print onto the belt of the books. I set type for the last verse of Robert Frosts, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". I was also able to try out a new method to fastening the belt into the books.dski-design-tonights-work dski-cabin-chestnut-1 dski-cabin-chestnut-2 dski-cabin-chestnut-3 dski-cabin-chestnut-4 dski-cabin-chestnut-5 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-1 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-2 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-3 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-4 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-5 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-6 dski-cabin-chestnut-rfrost-7 dski-cabin-large-chestnut-1 dski-cabin-large-chestnut-2 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-1 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-2 dski-cabin-large-lt-brown-3 dski-cabin-mini-chestnut-rfrost dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-1 dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-2 dski-cabin-mini-rfrost-3

My first workshops

  So I am really excited and really nervous, I going to be doing two workshops this week. The First will be this Thursday for the grade school, L'Ecole Française du Maine. The second will be this Friday at the Fiberspace at Weaton College down in Newton Massachusetts. With both work shops we I will be teaching a stab stitch binding. With grade school we will make paper covers with the college will be making a hinged cover.

I will post images from the classes and the books we make next week.


New Space and Picnic

So after months of build out at the new Running with Scissors, we officially have our occupancy permit so now we can start producing work.studioIt couldn't have come sooner since Picnic is now less than a month away, August 24th. I am hopping to have some new hardcover books, a bunch of new nautical chart chain stitch books and ephemera. So if you are going to be around Portland or thinking of coming up to Portland you should come out and check out Picnic. picnic_summer13a


We're moving

  So the reason I haven't posted much this past month is because the studio group I belong to Running with Scissors, is moving. We are moving down the road to a much larger location. So between getting the new space ready and packing up my space its been pretty hectic. I am hoping to be officially in and ready to start producing work the first week of July. dski-design-new-studio-1 dski-design-new-studio-2 dski-design-new-studio-4 dski-design-new-studio-5 dski-design-new-studio-6 dski-design-new-studio-7 dski-design-new-studio-8 dski-design-new-studio-9 dski-design-new-studio-10 dski-design-new-studio-11  dski-design-new-studio-12 dski-design-new-studio-13 dski-design-new-studio-14  dski-design-new-studio-17

Paper Sale and Studio Tours

Got back from the Guild of Book Workers spring event in the Pioneer Valley. It was a great time, had a chance to meet a lot of people from the Guild of Book Workers. Also Pick up a ton of paper and book board for the studio. The Event Kicked off at huge paper sale held by Dan St. John of Chena River Marblers. Then to Neilson Library at Smith College to check out a special display in the rare book room. Followed by a quick flash exhibit of what people of the guild are working on.

Then a tour of One Cottage Street Studios in Easthampton. Where we had a chance to see the studios of Peter Geraty of Praxis Bindery, Mark Tomlinson, Sarah Creighton and then Daniel Kelm of Wide Awake Garage.

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Two New Events

I haven't been able to post much in the past month been pretty crazy in the studio. Just Finished another re-order for Sea Bags, I also been getting ready for two new Events. The first is Picnic,  Sunday December 9th 11 to 6  at the Portland Company Complex at 58 Fore Street. If its going to be like any thing like last year it should be a pretty crazy event. There should be around 80 venders, I am going to be in the middle of the middle isle. The other event is going to be at Running with Scissors, Saturday December 15th 4-8. There will be artist demos going on, I am going to have books and prints for sale in my studio. Plus if you are looking for a new studio space its the perfect time to check out the available spaces and talk to the other artists.

311133_537129492981431_115290004_n IMG_2386

Portland bound

On my way back from the Boston. Went to the Boston Book, Print and Ephemera Show, as well as the Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair. Saw a lot of amazing books. Had a chance to talk to a lot of great venders as well. Here is one of the books I picked up as a rebound project. The Fatal Marriage or the Innocent Adultery a play by Mr. Thomas Southern, printed in London in the year 1735. I picked up another gem which I will post some images of in the next couple of days.


Chain Stitch Books and Tin type book.

After the summer picnic event I felt like I was dragging out the same old stuff. So my goal for this holiday show if I get in, is to have ton of new Product. I still have some time Holiday Picnic is not till December 9. I also have been thinking of opening an etsy shop after the event. Below are some images of a bunch of new chain stitch books. As well as a new cloth bound book which I in-laid an old tin type to the cover.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]