Recent Work

So since I have moved into my new studio, I  kind of hit the ground running. So I have been able to post much, so here are few images of projects I have been working one. The first project is repair job I did for a client. I had to take apart the text block, mend some pages, then sew the text block back together. The re-backed it with new boards and a leather spine.

dski-design-hyde-rebind-1 dski-design-hyde-rebind-2 dski-design-hyde-rebind-3 dski-design-hyde-rebind-4

The second project which I just finished, was making paper boxes for a print artist name Adriane Herman. I made 38 paper boxes to store and ship a group print project she has been working on.

dski-design-paper-boxes-2 dski-design-paper-boxes-3dski-design-paper-boxes-4

Tax No. Twelve

I picked up this document last November at the Boston book show. Its shows the taxes for towns of Massachusetts which includes towns Maine as well.  The Tax Pamphlet was printed in Boston at the State Press by Adams and Larkin. My friend Mark from Dunstan Press in Scarborough made the title plate for me.

dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-4 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-1 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-2 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-3 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-5 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-6 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-7 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-12 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-9 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-11 dski-design-rebound-tax-massachusetts-8

New England Primer

This is the latest project, I just finished. The book is a old New England primer printed in 1812 in New Haven Connecticut. when I received the book it  didn't have any covers as well it was re-sewn very poorly. I washed the pages in hopes to clean them then mended the signatures back together before rebinding the book. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

The Childs Guide 1846

This book I was really interested in working on because it was printed in Springfield Mass, which is near my home town.

This is a before and after of the covers.

After taking the book apart I cleaned the pages, with warm distilled water.

After the pages where dry, I used japanese pages to mend and repair the pages.

Once the text block was sown together I added the covers. I was able to lift the original covers off the old boards. This time I inlayed the old covers into the new cover.

The Finished product