Finished Print for the Frame Show

Finished my print for the June Frame Show at Pinecone and Chickadee. For this piece I wanted to try and make something different. The past few shows I have done, I always made some kind of vector print in the computer. So this time I made a speedball print. For the past couple of months I have been getting back into making more linoleum and speedball prints. With this print I cut two blocks and try a different combinations of colors, papers and printing order. When I was happy with a combination, I then bound with some more paper to the mat board with a chain stitch. I wanted to give this piece a story book feel. dski-design-foxprint-1a dski-design-foxprint-2 dski-design-foxprint-2a dski-design-foxprint-3 dski-design-foxprint-5 dski-design-foxprint-6 dski-design-foxprint-8 dski-design-foxprint-9 dski-design-foxprint-10 dski-design-foxprint-13 dski-design-foxprint-11

Finished Read or Die Print

Just finished a small edition of 30 prints. It took me a little longer to print after several tries on a rolling press. I ended up having them printed at my friends shop Dunstan press on his Heidelberg press. You can now purchase one off my Etsy Store.

I also want to thank my Friend Ian Kahn for giving me the idea for the Read or Die part.

dski-design-read-or-die-a2 dski-design-read-or-die-1 dski-design-read-or-die-2 dski-design-read-or-die-3 dski-design-read-or-die-4